Should You Refinish Your Concrete Floor?

Concrete floors are great when building tall buildings or buildings that will have a lot of foot traffic and move heavy equipment and machines around.  You will typically find a concreate floor in a warehouse, a garage or other industrial style building.  When looking at concrete floors, one looming question that comes to mind is what type of floor coverings for concrete floors are there?

Typically, we will keep our floors their original look and feel.  However, if you are running a specialized business or hosting an event, it might be a good idea to change things up.


One thing that people will do is throw on some commercial carpet.  This will cover your concrete as well as give it a nice look.  This carpet can easily be removed after the event or switched up with different versions.  This carpet doesn’t have to go from wall but rather just cover the most highly trafficked areas.  Carpet is also inexpensive and can be installed really easily.


Epoxy is another great covering to consider.  This can make your floor look any way you wish and will give it a glossy shine.  This is the second most popular covering for your floors and can be applied in a day or two.  You can also add in additional elements such as flakes and sparkles to create some cool patterns in the epoxy giving your floor a professional look.

floor coverings for concrete floors


Tile is going to be on the most time consuming and possibly the most expensive option for your floors.  Depending on the size of the floor, the time you want to spend laying tile and other factors, it might not be worthwhile to install tile.  If you are going to install tile, you might want to consider the epoxy route since it will take less time and give you a similar result.