Things To Look Forward To After Having Dental Implants Placed

You will want to have dental implants once you have finished your reading of this note. Having a dental implant in Saint Louis will be so much better than facing the prospect of losing more teeth and having to wear a full or partial set of dentures for the rest of your life. But the procedure that leads to the final placing of the dental implants is not cut and dried and certainly not as straightforward as having dentures made up.

dental implant in Saint Louis

You begin to get a feel of the complexities upon your first consultation with your presiding dental examiner. Do brace yourself for a barrage of questions. Do bring along as much of your previous medical history for your very first dental interview. Because this examiner will want to know everything, and we mean everything. Everything about your past medical history as well as your current state of health.

You will need to be as honest as possible during this first interview. Because as it goes with being inherently dishonest, the truth will soon catch up with you. It might not happen overnight but when it does, it could bite. And it could hurt. There will certainly be complications arising during a complex dental procedure which could take upwards of two years to complete. During the first dental exam, the presiding examiner will wish to be as precise as possible.

Should events look promising for you as a patient, the presiding examiner will be moving to a different set of impressions. This time, however, he will be doing things digitally. This is as clear as it gets because not only will the dental examiner see the structure of your teeth and gums, he’ll be able to take a look at your jaw structure as well.