Turning Your Garage Into A Showroom

The garage is a very simple concept developed in modern construction to store our cars in a safe and secure environment.  As cars became more mainstream and their components became more advanced, we wanted to make sure that the weather didn’t damage any of the components.  However, the garage has taken on a life of its own and in many situations, custom garage interiors in Barrington, IL have been developed.

One of the reasons that people have been putting a lot of time and effort into developing these custom interiors is due to the fact that they want to have as showplace for their cars.  The automobile has become a status symbol in many households and a sense of pride for those that want to show off their accomplishments.

Shinny floors

The first thing that people will do is make sure that their floors shine.  Typically, it’s a dark grey slab of concrete that many are using epoxy on to create a glasslike finish on their floors.  From there people are investing large sums of money into custom flooring pieces such as tile and even carpeting. 

The type of flooring chosen really reflects the overall feel of the design.  At the end of the day people want you to feel as if you are in a dealership or high-class car show.  It is all about prestige and a sense of personal pride.

custom garage interiors in Barrington, IL

From there they will work on lighting, the lighting that is chosen will show off the shine and luster of their automobiles.  The lighting choices made will be subtle in some instances and direct in others.  When walking into the garage you are supposed to feel as if you are in a movie studio and that the cars are the star.

Creating a showroom is the ultimate goal for many car enthusiasts and collectors.  For the average person, just having a nice place for their vehicles is enough to invest in great flooring.